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Welcome to tourist Moldova!

We can offer you various rounds in any place of the country.
One of the most popular rounds is resulted below:

Day 1 - city:
Kishinev - capital of Moldova. The city is full of sights. The excursion includes visiting the historical center of Chisinau, administrative and cultural edifices on the main boulevard Stefan cel Mare, the main square of the General National Meeting, two central parks, churches and museums of the city, Central Market, market of souvenirs, W.W.II memorial.

Day 2 - Tiraspol:
Tiraspol - capital of TransDniestr. Getting in this city we as if stop time and we get in the Soviet union. Monuments to Lenin, the House of Councils, a memorial, all signboards in Russian, Dnestr

Day 3 - Wine vaults:
Moldova long since is famous for the wine. Wine vaults one of the most bewitching places of Moldova. The wine factory and wine collection are located in limestone tunnels and form an underground wine city with motor streets named after the popular wine brands - Cabernet, Shardonait, Feteasca, Sauvignon etc. We can offer you excursion in Krikovo, Milesti Michi and Purcari

Day 4 � Soroki:
Soroki, the north of Moldova. Here you can visit a fortress which is being on coast of the river Dnestr, to rise on a candle "obedience" to which conducts ladder (speak, that if to a candle of obedience to rise on ladder many illnesses recede) In a fortress you will meet breath of eternity and an antiquity. Then we shall lead you in gipsy quarter that you will see here you cannot see anywhere in the world

Day 5 � Saharna and Tipovo.
Rocky monasteries, falls, gorges, sources are not simply interesting show. Tipovo and Saharna it is the monasteries of Moldova most ancient and known on today

p.s. As we can create an individual route according to your desire



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