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Soroki. Fortress.

A fortress Soroki - the Moldavian fortress of XV century, in the city of Soroki. The Fortress settles down on right coast of the river Dnestrs, in the city of Soroki, approximately in 160 km to the north from Kishinev.
Stefan the Great to resist to attacks the Turk, Tatars and other enemies, in 1499 has constructed on a place of Genoa fort Olhonia a wooden fortress of the square form. The fortress became a part of defensive system of Moldova. During 1543-1546, during board Peter Raresh, the fortress has been completely reconstructed. Instead of wooden, there was constructed a stone fortress. In 1711, during Peter's I Prut campaign the fortress protected the townspeople and garrison of a fortress from the Turk, before arrival of Russian armies.

The architecture of a fortress:
In a basis of designing of a fortress has been put the supreme law of harmony - gold section. The fortress has the round form, with a diameter - 37,5 meters. In a fortress 5 towers - 4 round and 1 entrance - the square form settle down. Towers have three levels, and have special apertures for guns. Height of a fortress of 15-20 meters, and thickness of walls of 3,5 meters.

The historical value: The Huge historical value of a fortress consists that it was kept up to now same what have been created by masters of the Middle Ages. Also the small military church located above the central input was kept.

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