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The Transdniestr Moldovan Republic (Moldovan: TransNistria or Russian: Pridnestrov'e) is situated in the South - Easter Europe at the east of Moldova along the left side of the river Dniestr. Has proclaimed its independence from Moldova in September 1990, but is not recognized as independent state by most countries of the world. It has the surface of 4163 square kilometers (10% from the territory of ex Moldovan Socialist Soviet Republic) and 555,5 thousands inhabitants (according to statistics of 2004). The capital of the Transdniestr is Tiraspol city with 183 thousands of inhabitants. Administratively republic is composed of 5 districts:
- Camenca
- Rybnitsa
- Dubasari
- Grigoropol
- Slobodzeya
and 2 cities of republican level - Tiraspol and Bender.

Transdniestr is characterized by flat relief with rare ravines. More than 80% of soil is chernozem. 10% of the territory is forest. It has continental climate, under normal humidity. Winters are short and mild (average temperature in January is minus 3,9 degrees centigrade). Early, with intensive warming of earth and air spring. Long, hot summer (average temperature in July is plus 21 degrees centigrade). Warm autumn.
Explored minerals: limestone, gravel, sand, loam, clay.
Transdniestr is a region with high density of population - up to 150 people on square kilometer (according to statistic of 2004). Has diverse ethnical composition: moldovans 31,9%, ukrainians 28,8%, russians 30,3%, bulgarians, jews, gagausians, germans and others 9%.
The official languages are Russian, Moldavian and Ukrainian. The dominant religion is Christianity (Russian and Ukrainian orthodoxy - more than 80% of the population). Republic is crossed by two international trunk-railways, three gas-main pipelines, two highways of international significance. Has an airdrome in Tiraspol. Transnistria is an artificial geographic term, created in World War II, referring to the part of the Ukraine conquered by German and Romanian troops in the summer of 1941.In Transnistria still you can see symbols kept from the Soviet time - Lenin monument, the red-green flag of the Moldovian Socialist Soviet Republic, plaque to honored civil and military citizens of TransDniestr etc. NO VISA required when entering from Moldova or Ukraine. You may be asked to present an invitation issued by a Transdniestr citizen/organisation at the border. My cousin Lena, who is the citizen of Transdniestr, can issue an invitation for those who intend to travel to Transdniestr. All foreign citizens (including Moldovan ones) have to be registered at the territory of the Transdniestr. Those who go in Transdniestr for a short period of time (one day + one night) may get their registration directly at the border. Cost of a registration is 50 cents. You should get off at the last checkpoint on the border and go to the Migration office for a little paper which is checked on reentering Moldova. Otherwise some travelers have had to pay $5-50 in fines on leaving TransDniestr again. For staying in Transdniestr longer than you have to be registered with the police in Tiraspol or Bender or other towns of Transdniestr.To those who had been ripped off at the border You can make your complain at the state customs committee that has the overall responsibility over the customs in Transdniestr and they coordinate the efforts related to customs houses and border issues in general.

REGISTRATION IN TIRASPOL for foreign citizens who plan to stay in the country for more than one day must be done within 24 hours from the crossing of the border at the Migration Office situated in the downtown on Kotovskiy street 2/A. They work every day from 9 am till 5 pm, lunch time from 12 am till 1 pm, except Saturdays and Sundays.
You may make your registration at the Police office of the city at Roza Luxemburg, 66 street if came in days or hours-off of the Migration office, but it is requested that you reconfirm your registration at the Migration Office next day.
For information, please, call the Migration office (+373 533) 7-90-83.

BUSES TO TIRASPOL AND BENDER depart from the Central Bus station in Chisinau every 30-45 minutes. Cost of the ticket one way is about 2 USD. The trip to Tiraspol takes 1 hour and a half stopping at the border after 1 hour of journey.
BUSES TO GRIGOROPOL, RYBNITSA AND DUBASARI depart from the North Bus Station of Chisinau. There is a separate currency but you can change (even tiny quantities of) Moldovan money for it at a booth at the bus/train stations.

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