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Saharna monastery complex

A monastery " the Sacred Trinity "
The Chronicle:
XII-XV centuries - the rocky monastery in thickness of a stone is created. The rocky monastery has transferred three updatings: in 1776, 1857 and 1992.
1818 - there is begun construction of years church, with a temple "The Sacred Trinity"
1883 - constructed the winter church in the Moldavian architectural style, with a temple "The Birth of Divine Mother"
1936 - the monastery is transformed from man's in female because monks have not accepted transition to new style on the Gregorian calendar.
1964 - the monastery is closed Soviet by authorities and transformed to psychiatric hospital.
1991 - the man's monastery "The Sacred Trinity" is again opened. The prior of a monastery, 24-th under the account, is appointed archimandrite Adrian Bachu.
1992-1998 - successful realization of restoration of the central church.

In this church there is a special internal painting and an iconostasis of wood of a white maple (a proof, elastic and graceful material), made in Romania, in Gura Hamorului. The altar is decorated by a fresco in the Byzantian style.
Apse of an altar semicircular, and its lateral faces are executed in the reduced proportions. Above nave - the dome towers.
In the Monastery the service of the Sacred Liturgy is made every day. During time of posts it is served Midnight on Hours.

At an input in church you are met with a face of Mother Divine on the Wonder-working icon.
When it was executed 2000 from Christmas of Savior Jesus Christ, on an icon, on the right image of Mother Divine there was a face of the Son Divine.

In the same church there is a cancer (coffin) with relics father Makariy, what plot clothes of the monk in the age of only 12 years which was the confessor of several monasteries Saharna, Noul-Neamt, Surucheni, Chusheleuc which after closing a monastery in a hovel on surburb of village made sacred sacraments and gave people the Word of True. Saint Makariy has been canonized in December, 1995. It is the first local sacred, canonized by Orthodox Church in Moldova.

Everyone who approaches with belief to relics Saint Makariy, receives the help and protection of the Sacred father.

The small river Saharna makes the way through gorge of a monastic complex and forms 22 falls. Highest of them falls from height of 4 meters in a whirlpool depth of 10 meters which refers to as "The Hole of the Gipsy".

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