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Quality Wines Complex Milestii Mici National-Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Moldova

The geographical outline of Moldova resembles a grape. The statement which mentions that its impossible to depict these lands without pointing out the escutcheon symbolizing the inhabitants proprietary occupation winemaking is univocally asserted.
State Enterprise Quality Wines Complex Milestii Mici is situated in the neighborhood of Milestii Mici village, not far from the capital of the Republic, Chisinau City. Milestii Mici is one of the oldest Moldavian villages, the fact confirmed by the old letters from chronicles.

The archeological researches found on these lands mortal remains from different epochs and cultures which date beginning with millennium X-XI BC. The Priest Emanuil Brihunet, the Prototop of St.Nicolai church from Milestii Mici, had found in old manuscripts information about the village which dates from March 30, 1528.

From the very old times the lodgers of Milestii Mici built their houses of stone, obtained ba hand from the mines situated in the neighborhood. Nowadays, the underground galleries reach a length of over 200 km (182 thousand m2), and the layer breadth reach the surface from 30 till 85 m ensuring a relative air humidity of 85-95% and a constant temperature of +12 +14C ideal conditions for storing the wines underground.
QWC Milestii Mici was found in 1969. During the years it has changed its status several times. Nowadays Quality Wines Complex Milestii Mici is a state enterprise specialized in producing, storing and commercializing wines, declared in 2005 by the Moldavian Parliament the National-Cultural Patrimony of the Republic of Moldova.
The companys activity is ensured by the work of 350 employees in different production departments: Storage Department; Bottling Department of wines and sparkling wines; the Collection.
The Storage Department dispose of 3500 technologic capacities with an overall tankage of 6.5 mln dal. A special value have the ones with 1200 oak barrels with a tankage of 800-1200 dal, each of them being assembled at the enterprise cooper department during the period 1970-1992, using the raw material from Krasnodar reg.(Russian Federation) and Carpathians (Ukraine). The Storage Department has the mission to receive wine raw material from the suppliers of South and Centre Zone of Moldova, to oversee the wine processing according the technological schemes and their maturity for bottling.

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